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05. Necropolis of Cala Morell (Ciutadella)

This is the most spectacular necropolis on the island, formed by 17 artificial caves. The inside of some of the larger caves try to imitate the circular houses of the prehistoric era, with one floor, and columns made from the same rock.

Beach Binissafúller

Small and U-shaped, so therefore protected from the current. In the left part of the bay, there is a small artificial ramp for small boats to go up and down. If you like walking, you can take the Camí de Cavalls, which is a path that passes just behind this bay, and walk a fair […]

04. Talayotic settlement of Trepucó (Maó)

This is one of the biggest villages, at about 5000m2. Nowadays only a few areas of these prehistoric remains are conserved. In the enclosure, that originally was walled, still different remains of the settlement are conserved.

12. Restaurant Can Los

This is the best place to eat a good stew with lobster, potatoes, fresh fish and octopus. 60€ per person. We accompany the excellent meal with a few bottles of a fresh white wine from Rueda.

03. Talayotic settlement of Torralba d’en Salord (Alaior)

These are the most spectacular ruins in the area. It was inhabited between 1000 a.C. And Roman times, although there are remains that indicate that it was also used until medieval times.

12. Es Caló Blanc

At only 5 or 6m wide, this is the smallest beach in Menorca. It’s a small area with crystal clear turquoise water, like many beaches in Southern Menorca. It is located in Sant Lluís.

10. Paraglide

Paraglide safely from Monte Toro, the highest point in Menorca. Enjoy some spectacular views from the air.

11. Restaurant S’Amarador

The best dishes here are rice, paella and lobster. Also available is grilled and steamed fish. Approx. 30/40€ per person.

11. Binigaus

This is an unspoiled beach which is very popular and accessible by foot. It is made by 3 beaches together: San Adeodato, Santo Tomás and Binigaus, and in the former two, there are restaurants and services. Binigaus is a nudist beach, with fine white sand and the characteristic turquoise water. This is located in Es […]

09. Boat trip from Ciutadella

This is a boat trip from Ciutadella to Cala Turqueta, stopping there for two hours to enjoy the water. After lunch, you go to Cala Galdana, passing by Macarella and Macarelleta.

10. Restaurant El Pescadito de Binibeca

In the fishing village of Binibeca, this restaurant offers lots of typical Menorcan dishes, for example, octopus and fresh island fish. 30/40€ per person.

10. Es Talaier

The shallow waters here allow you to enter the water and still touch the floor. There is also a huge sandy area. This is located in Ciutadella.

08. Mountain Bike Tour

You can’t miss this fantastic activity if you like cycling. There are routes for all difficulty levels, of all lengths. Cycling is an option that is growing little by little in Menorca.

09. Restaurant Sa Cova

In a privileged environment, there is Mediterranean cooking with succulent meat, fresh fish and a chill out terrace with concerts. 20/30€ per person.

09. Arenal de Son Saura

Son Saura is one of the most popular beaches in Menorca. Despite its size and the amount of people there, the water is very clean. Nearby you can find Golf Son Parc Menorca in Es Mercadal.

Party of “Mare de Déu de Gràcia” Maó – Menorca

The ringing of bells at four in the afternoon of the 7th day announces the beginning of the festivities, beginning the “replec” (gathering) and the coming and going of horses and horsemen through the streets of Maó.

07. Lighthouse de San Carlos

Also known as Maó lighthouse. It has restricted access due to being located on a military base. The particularity of being in the vicinity of a military battery of coast.

07. Paddle surf

Learn the basic paddle surf techniques in the most spectacular bay in Fornells. The paddle surf strengthens the muscles of the trunk and exercises the balance, so it is a very complete sport and relatively easy to practice.

08. Restaurant Club Náutico Binisafua

Varied tapas menu with seafood, rice and fresh fish also available in a restaurant with a family atmosphere. 30/40€ per person.

Party of “Sant Lluís” Sant Lluís – Menorca

The horses, adorned with colored ribbons, and their riders, dressed in black coat, white trousers and hats with three ends, are applauded by the attendants.

08. Beach Mitjana

This is an untouched beach where there are no services, only the sun, sea, sand and the spectacular nature around it. As well as the beautiful sea, the bay also boasts some natural caves. This is located in Ferreries.

Party of “Sant Bartomeu” Ferreries – Menorca

One of the singularities of this party is the sharing of candles among the residents of the town. It is carried out by the “cavallers” who participate in the “qualcada”.

07. Restaurant Es Cranc

In the beautiful fishing village of Fornells, there is a restaurant where lobster is the main thing on their menu. 70€ per person.

Party of “Sant Climent” Sant Climent – Menorca

This party has already managed to be considered almost as a tradition: the collective and popular drenching that takes place on Monday of the party and where not the most careful and cautious get rid of the water that tankers and neighbors throw each other.

07. Beach Tortuga

This unspoiled gravel and sandy beach is the result of the incoming sea. The water isn’t very deep until you go really far in, which makes it an ideal place to take children. Located in Maó, it is accessible from Favaritx, by a 15-20 minute walk.

Party of “Sant Llorenç” Alaior – Menorca

The “caixers” and “cavallers” take part in their adorned horses, it is worth noting the singular and dazzling parade of floats that runs through the main streets of the city on the Sunday afternoon of the festival.

Gin Xoriguer and liqueurs of Biniarbolla

The gin here is elaborated in the famous Menorcan way. You will surely try this at parties here.

Party of “Sant Gaietà” Llucmaçanes – Menorca

Pertaining to the municipal term of Maó, in the historical nucleus of population of Llucmaçanes, the celebrations patron saints are celebrated during the first weekend of August.

06. Lighthouse island Aire

This is located in an uninhabited area in the extreme southeast of the island; this lighthouse is home to a high biodiverse environment. It is only accessible by boat.

06. Snorkeling in the south of Menorca with Seascooter

Discover the rich marine life in southern Menorca in the most fun and exciting way. A different and original experience to enjoy as a couple, with your family or friends.

Come on vacation to Villas Etnia

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06. Restaurant Es Molí d’es Racó

This is an old mill which has been transformed into a restaurant with an outdoor area and homemade Menorcan food. 30/40€ per person. The restaurant’s menu has a wide range of meats, fish, entrees and rice dishes.

06. Beach La Vall

This is one of the closest bays to Ciutadella. La Vall’s sand is fine and white and the water is the cleanest in all of Menorca.

Party of “Sant Cristòfol” Es Migjorn Gran – Menorca

The small interior town abandons its usual tranquility to fill with music and fun, is especially remarkable the festive show, with samba included, that assembles the excellent music band of the population.

“Sobrasada” of Menorca

The old commercial routes allowed the exchange and diffusion of different products: for example, sobrasada. This is originally from Sicily, and became a speciality in the Baleares Islands.

05. Lighthouse de Sa Farola

Also known as Ciutadella lighthouse, this can be reached by foot from Ciutadella. This is located on the Camí de Cavalls.

05. Jet ski water route in couple

Enjoy the sea and nature, and feel freedom and an adrenaline rush by navigating a jet ski through the sea. Excursions that you can visit the cliffs of the Mola de Fornells and Cala Tirant, unique and special places of the island of Menorca.

05. Restaurant El Rais

Rice and elaborate dishes with current presentations. Fantastic views of the Mahón port. 40/50€ per person. Going to El Rais is going to enjoy excellent gastronomic experiences.

05. Beach Macarelleta

This beautiful shell-shaped bay has fine, white sand, and turquoise water. Macaralleta is in the same bay as Cala Macarella, but it is considerably smaller.

Party of “Sant Antoni” Fornells – Menorca

During those two days a cavalcade (qualified) of horses is organized as in the rest of towns of the island. In the port of fishermen, with the blue of the sea in the background, it sneaks between the horses and the crowd that surrounds them.

Cheeses from Menorca

Of all the cheese made here, named “Mahón-Menorcan cheese”, there are 2 types: one that is elaborated and made by milk that has been treated, and another, the “artisan” one, which is made from raw milk.

04. Lighthouse de Punta Nati

This is located on the cliffs in the northeast of the island, 6km from Ciutadella. It is a recommended visit both for those who love history and for those who admire nature in its purest form.

04. Kayaking on virgin beaches

This is your opportunity to navigate a kayak. Enjoy the experience of ploughing through the sea. Kayaking is a sport of simple practice and can be enjoyed alone, as a couple or share it with a group of friends.

04. Restaurant Ca Na Marga

This restaurant has a family atmosphere which specialises in barbecuing Mediterranean food in a very well lit room. The food is cooked in a wood oven. 30/40€ per person. Ca Na Marga is a well-known reference in grilled cuisine.

04. Beach Macarella

Postcards from here are the most typical and have the best known pictures as the blue of the water makes for a paradise. This isolated bay has a U-shape and is average sized, covered with thick pine trees and is located in Ciutadella.

Party of “Sant Jaume” Es Castell – Menorca

Es Castell is celebrated during the days 24, 25 and 26 of July the Festivities of Sant Jaume, patron of the town. The City Council program a wide and varied range of events to celebrate these festivities.

“Ensaimadas” of Menorca

An excellent, sweet Menorcan pastry. These generally need to be ordered at least a day in advance. They can be stuffed with angel hair, chocolate, cream, cream and sobrasada.

03. Lighthouse de Artrutx

At 7km from Ciutadella, this can be found in a village and the old lighthouse building has been converted into a restaurant. It is a lighthouse built in the mid-nineteenth century.

03. Flyboard Session

This consists of a board attached to a jet ski which is propelled by the current, and this allows us to do tricks in the air, which gives us a feeling close to flying.

03. Restaurant Trébol

Fish, barbecued seafood and typical Mediterranean dishes are the speciality here, in the restaurant with sea views. It is fantastic at night! 40/50€ per person. It is a cave, a place dug in the rock, and inside is well decorated and curious, but what really is worth it is its terrace, with excellent views.

Enjoy the magical nights of Sant Joan in Menorca

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03. Beach en Turqueta

Its name refers to the numerous turquoise tones in the water. This isolated beach is the result of the incoming sea which lasts 400m until it touches firm ground, giving way to this beautiful paradise of a bay.

Party of “Sant Martí” Es Mercadal – Menorca

This party is in honor of the patron of Es Mercadal, is celebrated the third weekend of July. It is one of the oldest parties after Sant Joan, of great tradition and importance of the area and recommended for all visitors to the island.

“Avarcas” of Menorca

For many years, the locals dedicated themselves to growing and harvesting wheat and looking after sheep. To allow themselves to move more comfortably over the rural floor, the abarcas were invented. Nowadays, the locals and tourists love these shoes. You can visit a local abarcas factory, because the company RIA does free guided tours of […]

02. Talayotic settlement of Torre d’en Galmés

This is the biggest and oldest prehistoric town in Menorca and it contains a huge diversity of high quality buildings. This is located on a hill, so you get a perfect panoramic view.

02. Lighthouse de Cavalleria

Lighthouse located at the tip of the Caballería cape, a good place to contemplate the sunset in summer. This is open to the public and you can visit the Interpretation Centre in Cabo de Cavalleria.

02. Excursion through the Camí de Cavalls

This is a delightful route that walking lovers will enjoy. A walk through isolated beaches, along cliffs, through caves and forests, all whilst following small paths and rural roads that cross the island. +info: camidecavalls360.com

02. Restaurant Cap Roig

Cap Roig, perched on the edge of a cliff has fantastic sea views which you can enjoy from anywhere in the restaurant. This is a restaurant with big windows which give wonderful views to the sea. The speciality is seafood and rice and Menorcan crayfish. 30/40€ per person, telephone contact 971 188 383.

Party of “Sant Joan” in Menorca

They take place on 23 and 24 June and the Sunday before those days. They are the most traditional and emblematic of Menorca, since its origin goes back to the beginning of the fourteenth century. The main protagonist of the holidays is the horse. The caixer riders, dressed in black and white, go on their […]

Markets of Menorca

You will have a great time browsing the various markets, for example, the market on the hill down to the Port in Ciutadella. They are open from the 1st June to the 30th September, daily from 5pm to midnight.

01. Naveta des Tudons (Ciutadella)

This is the most symbolic monument in Menorca, partly due to its excellent state, and also because it is made of constructions that are typical to the island.

01. Lighthouse de Favàritx

With its charismatic silhouette alongside the wild countryside of Favàritx, this is one of the most visited lighthouses in Menorca, There is hardly any vegetation, the floor is made of laminated black slate and the cliffs are abrupt, something that surprises visitors especially the first time.

02. Beach Cavalleria

This is in the north and it’s far from housing estates. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches, which is easily accessible and has free parking.

01. Diving in the Marina Reserve

The protected area comprises a large area between Cap Gros and Punta des Morter. In this water we will be able to enjoy immersions that will be possible to contemplate numerous species that represent the life of the Mediterranean, the clear waters, the marine life, and a breath-taking environment will make your under the sea […]

01. Restaurant Es Molí de Foc

Located in the little Menorca village of Sant Climent, very close to Mahón. True to its rural past, it became an old grain mill in a restaurant. The interior of the mill’s ground floor features a classic menorcan decoration. The speciality is a soup and rice, and dishes cooked in a homemade beer. High price […]

01. Pregonda Cala

This is one of the most highly recommended beaches for tourists. Its red sand beaches and the local environment are what makes it special. It’s considered to be one of the most beautiful and less visited beaches in the rocky north. You have to park in Binimel.là and walk 15-20 minutes to get here.