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Enjoy the essence of the new Mediterranean houses from Villas Etnia

Menorca is a charming Balearic Island, Mediterranean, where the air is clean and transparent, the white houses cut out on a thick blue sky. With its incomparable beaches and open long or secluded coves of golden sand … In Villas Etnia you find comfort and elegance. The new design of the villas 14 and 16 combine perfectly Minorcan tradition and the most modern conveniences. These new villas have been decorated with new furniture design, with unique colors and with new appliances. All this for your convenience!

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Interior marked by light and color, sinks with a very innovative design, terraces with wooden furniture … Enjoy the best of the Mediterranean from our new villas. Each new villa has a distinctive color. Colors based in the oceand and the sky of the Mediterranean. The ideal for holidays and to relax and unwind environment. New appliances make paign stay more comfortable and magic of Villas Race ends to get vacation unforgettable.