Cheeses from Menorca

Of all the cheese made here, named “Mahón-Menorcan cheese”, there are 2 types: one that is elaborated and made by milk that has been treated, and another, the “artisan” one, which is made from raw milk.

“Avarcas” of Menorca

For many years, the locals dedicated themselves to growing and harvesting wheat and looking after sheep. To allow themselves to move more comfortably over the rural floor, the abarcas were invented. Nowadays, the locals and tourists love these shoes. You can visit a local abarcas factory, because the company RIA does free guided tours of its factory in Ferrerías.

Markets of Menorca

You will have a great time browsing the various markets, for example, the market on the hill down to the Port in Ciutadella. They are open from the 1st June to the 30th September, daily from 5pm to midnight.