The celebrations in Menorca like those of Sant Joan in Ciutadella are unique and spectacular

Sant Joan

The festivities of Menorca are alive. On our island, fortunately, there has unfortunately given what happens in other towns in which victims of plastic and the vortex, its most traditional and authentic struggle between the adulteration, fossilization, or worse, extinction.

In Menorca their parties are a fun way of measuring the passage of time. Completion of one year and prepares you dream of the next. Our traditional events in Menorca in which horses and riders are undisputed protagonists are a vehicle of social communication, while an act of respect, reafirmaión, at the very roots.

Costrumbres protocols and mixed while the horses, richly caparisoned, jump between the joy of the people and the riders-riders “, showing his mastery, bringing air greeted his cocked hat while holding the reins of his fiery horse.

Sant Joan in Ciutadella kept to the limit protocols and traditions of their party unique and incomparable. After Ciutadella, held in June, the celebrations of other towns spread throughout the summer to end, entering September in Maó.